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On Being Actively Retired

On Being a Mom

On Being a Stupid Kid

On Being a Woman

On Cats

On Celebrity Encounters

On Dating

On Dieting

On Dogs

On Embarrassing Moments

On Family

On Home Improvement

On Menopause

On Military Life

On My First Time

On Being a Parent

On Pets

On Senior Moments

On Sex

On Sharing Secrets

On Special Occasions

On Travel

On Weddings

On Working for a Living

On Writing

Updated 5/6/14

NYMB On Dieting

NYMB on Pets

NYMB on Menopause

NYMB On Cats

NYMB On Dating

NYMB Family

NYMB on Sharing secrets

NYMB Senior Moments

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nymb mOMS

NYMB On Being a Parent

NYMB On Home Improvement

NYMB On Travel

NYMB On Being a Stupid Kid

NYMB On Being a woman

NYMB On Dogs







Not Your Mother's Book

Not Your Mother’s Book (NYMB) is a new anthology for a new generation of readers.

Consisting of real-life stories written by individuals 18 years and older, NYMB is tailored for a mature-audience readership; stories may contain language and situations akin to a PG-13 or TV-14 rating. While not all stories will fall into this rating system, the series will not focus on death/dying, cry-your-eyes out sad selections, but only hip, fun, modern and very-much-today type stories that will entertain our readers.

Three Top FAQs

Question: When submitting a story via your online form, I can’t get the “title field” to accept my title. Are you fixing this?

Answer: We are working on a fix, but it hasn’t been easy. The glitch doesn’t happen all the time, but if it happens to you, try switching your browser to Internet Explorer or Firefox. If it still doesn’t work, include the title in the “story field.” Once it is submitted, we can physically add the title on this side of the database.

Question: The deadlines for books sometimes change without an announcement. Why?

Answer: There are several reasons for this, from production schedule changes to still not having enough great stories to fill a book. All announcements are made in our free monthly Wow Principles’ online newsletter. If you haven’t signed up to receive it (2,000+ writers have!), we strongly suggest you do. That way, you’ll receive the monthly mailing, plus any special story call-outs.

Question: I wrote a story for a book where the deadline has already passed. Can I still submit it anyway…maybe for a sequel to that title?

Answer: Yes, you are welcome to submit your stories to any of our titles at any time. For example, you want to submit your funny woman-themed story, but NYMB…On Being a Woman is already done. Go ahead and submit to the Woman database, because we could very well do a sequel. Or we might be in need of a story for another book—like On Menopause or On Dieting—and will cross-reference other databases.

Story Deadlines

(October 30, 2014) We are still deciding which NYMB books will be included on our 2015 production schedule, with the exception of NYMB…On Sex (early spring release). Therefore, we are now accepting stories for some titles which previously have been closed to submissions, including NYMB…On Dating and NYMB…On Dieting.

The deadlines for NYMB...On Menopause and NYMB...On Military Life (covers below) have been extended to May 1, 2015. No guarantee that these will be the next books chosen for publication, but we would like to keep the stories coming in for the two titles.

You are welcome to submit to the 10 titles that have already been published (Cats, Dogs, Women, Family, etc.), but unless the NYMB series takes off, we will not be issuing sequels for those topics. If you have new stories you planned to submit for a possible sequel title, please rewrite it so that it might better fit a currently unpublished title. For example, if your new cat or dog story would work for NYMB…On Pets, please  submit for that book rather than the old cat and dog titles.

Not Your Mother's Book on Military Life

NYMB...On Military Life: May 1, 2015

NYMB...On Menopause: May 1, 2015

Story Submission Guidelines

Updated 7/29/14

1. Your story must be a true account of something that has happened to you or someone you know, to the best of your recollection. A little "creative license" is allowed. It must be written in the first person, past tense. Be sure to read the “Do’s and Don’ts” page for helpful writing tips. They are also included on the sidebar on the story submission page.

2. The contributor (you) must be 18 years or older.

3. Your story must be between 500 words and 2,500 words.

4. Do not submit your story more than once. However, you are allowed to submit more than one story per title if you have several different stories to share. ALSO, you are welcome to submit the same story to different titles. As an example, your story about having a dog while in college might work in both "On Dogs" and "On College."

5. Please do not submit anonymous stories or stories written under pennames or false names. We will consider a small number of as-told-to stories (example: story by John Doe as told to Jane Doe). Note: Jane Doe is the author and the name to be used when completing the submission form.

6. Keep a copy of the story you submit to us for your personal records.

7. We will accept stories that have been previously published if you now have all rights that will allow us to reprint it. Know that if we use your story, you will be required to sign a document stating “all rights to the intellectual property of the Work belong solely to the Contributor.” Also on this document, you will be required to acknowledge: “Contributor will hold harmless and indemnify PS and its representatives for any litigation or lawsuits arising from the publication of the Work, including actions arising from rights of publicity and privacy, defamation, libel or slander brought by third parties and their heirs as it directly applies to the Work.”

This document protects Publishing Syndicate from litigation. If we are approached by a person/entity who states he/she/company owns the rights to the story, we will give them a copy of your signed documentation. If we are unsure if you actually hold all rights to your story, we may require additional proof of those rights (generally, a copy of your publishing contract or release).

REGARDING PATCH ARTICLES: We will no longer consider any previously published articles that have appeared in PATCH. This company is owned by AOL, and they hold all rights to any work published under their PATCH name. The exhaustive process required for us to request and obtain reprint rights is not worth the time and trouble for our small company.

8. You retain the copyright to your submission. Should your story be selected for publication, Publishing Syndicate will ask for non-exclusive rights, to include, but not limited to, publication of submission in all formats and use of the submission for marketing and promotional campaigns. This means you can sell or publish your story in sections or its entirety, including any edits Publishing Syndicate makes. You will receive legal documents to sign that will further explain these rights.

9. If your story is accepted for publication, you must sign a permission release form. All individuals referenced in your story must also sign a release form, and it will be your responsibility to obtain those signatures. Tentative acceptance of your story is dependent on these forms being completed. Should a story subject not be available to sign a release, we will evaluate the requirement on a case-by-case basis.

10. We do not accept full book manuscripts. They will be deleted.

11. We do not accept poetry submissions at this time. They will be deleted.

12. We are not using cartoons in the NYMB series, but will consider photos as long as they are relevant to the story. Please indicate at the end of your submitted story if you have photographs, but do not send anything to Publishing Syndicate until asked to do so. At that time, you’ll be given particulars on how to send the photo(s)—they must be submitted by email as jpg files.

We will no longer accept original photographs by mail. If you mail a photo to Publishing Syndicate, it will not be returned.

Should we use a photo(s), a photo release form may be requested by Publishing Syndicate. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

13. Contributor Bio: each contributor will receive 50-word bio in the back of the book.

Story submission process: All stories must come through our electronic submission form. We will not accept any mailed or e-mailed submissions. And please do not send e-mails asking if your story has been accepted for publication; we will not respond. Know that the story evaluation process typically will take six to nine months. However, if we are interested in considering your story, you will receive an e-mail notification directly from us. From that point, we will set up a line of communication with you which may include helping you edit your story to clarify your message or make your story stronger. Keep in mind that your story will still be under consideration, not accepted for publication.

Each contributor will be sent 10 copies of the title in which his/her story appears and have access to online press materials within 60 days after the title’s publication date (set by PS). Should the contributor have more than one story in the title, he/she will receive five additional copies of the title per additional story (i.e., two stories in the title = 15 copies). Contributor may also purchase copies of the title directly from PS at 50-percent off the cover price until the title is discontinued or goes out-of-print.

Thank you and good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: If the Submit Form doesn't work, try a different web browser. If Internet Explorer doesn't work, try Firefox. If Firefox doesn't work, try Internet Explorer. They both work, but not on everyone's computers. Also, if you are submitting via a smart device (iPad, cellphone), you may experience difficulties. it is best to submit via a computer.