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Funny kid adventures
on the family dairy farm
for young readers!

The Cow-Pie Chronicles

Discussion Guide
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Two young adult LGBT novels
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Gold Award Winner of the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Awards for Independent Book Publishers, Travel Books

Includes more than 300 photos and drawings, plus regional maps, details on 800 destinations including beaches, trails, parks, missions, museums and more!

A few photos
California Coast

California Redwoos

Patrick's Point State Park

goldengate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

elephant seals

Elephant Seals,
Ano Nuevo State Park

JP Burns state park

McWay Falls, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (Big Sur)

surfer at Hunting Beach

Surfer, Huntington Beach

mission San Diego

Mission San Diego

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Not your Mother's Book on Sex cover





Book Review by W. Lewis, Publisher at The Northern Star March 7, 2015 www.NorthernStar-online.com                                         
Sex sells. And, it gets people’s attention. A lot of attention! Sex is as natural as sunshine, yet it is something that folks try their best to keep out of the light of day. But, sex makes the world go around, with most things on this planet procreating, pollinating, impregnating and perpetuating. Of all the creatures on Earth though, none share our expansive sexual repertoire of sensual and sexual diversity. And, a great book that reveals many of our intimate antics is “Not Your Mother’s Book…On SEX.


Not Your Mother's Books
available now!

Not Your Mother's Book On Working for a LivingNYMB CatsNYMB DogsNot your mother's book...on familyNYMB MomsNot Your Mother's Book on TravelNot Your Mother's Book on Being a ParentNot Your Mother's Book on Home ImprovementNYMB WomanNYMB STupid kid

What they are saying about NYMB...

When I received ‘Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Stupid Kid’, I prepared myself for a cheap shot at humor. What I found was totally different. Within a few pages I realized that I held a piece of true Americana, that was not only charmingly humorous, it was a collective of human soul.

Not Your Mother’s Book holds the heart of a nation within its covers, with moments that are so nostalgic, that it brought fond personal memories surging back. The book is a compilation of short stories, contributed by 59 different writers, each a literary Norman Rockwell. Some stories bring back visions of days long gone, while others play upon the family dynamics they experienced, but all them share a common theme – stupidity. Read the entire review by Northern Star Online.

A Classic Collection Of True Americana – Or, The Best Brain Farts Ever!

NYMB Stupid KidThere’s nothing worse than getting caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar, yet alone confessing to all those stupid things you did when you were a kid and lived to tell about. Yes, you know where the bodies are buried.

Inside, you’ll read stories about crazy capers, double-dog dares and outlandish adventures—those youthful escapades you never shared with your parents! Thus the reason to hide this book from your youngsters and especially your teenagers . . . you might give them ideas!

Click here to read our NYMB...On Being a Stupid Kid sampler. A sampler is an abbreviated version of the book, with a few stories per chapter. You may have to wait several seconds for the sampler to download--be patient.

NYMB available as print and e-books!

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Who let the dogs out?


Watch out! The dogs are loose and in rare form in this very funny and endearing anthology about our canine friends.

We are dog people. While some may think we're a bit off our rockers--especially them cat people--we don't give a woof. Our fur kids are our babies, our children. They are our trusted companions. They ask for nothing in return. They shower us with their loyalty and love. Inside, you'll read about puppy-dog antics and silly-canine adventures, with a surprise or two thrown in, all of which will make you very happy the dogs are running free on the pages of this wonderful book.

Click here to read our NYMB...On Dogs sampler. A sampler is an abbreviated version of the book, with a few stories per chapter. You may have to wait several seconds for the sampler to download--be patient.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

NYMB WomanAnd the women whose stories are in this book have got it, baby! Theyare successful, beautiful, giving, inspiring and exude womanhood more than any generation before them. They are sassy and crass, truthful and funny, and have come into their own with all barrels loaded, cocked and ready to go. There is no stopping them as they share their real-life stories with you, the reader.

It’s time to flaunt our stuff, so join us Women—and yes, that’s women with a capital “W,” baby!

Click here to read our NYMB...On Being a Woman sampler. A sampler is an abbreviated version of the book, with a few stories per chapter. You may have to wait several seconds for the sampler to download--be patient.

More NYMB books will be released soon, including ...On Travel. And we always need new stories for all of our upcoming titles, 30 in all. LEARN MORE

Regional Winery Destination Book

Wine Wherever coverThe first of the Wine Wherever winery series features In California's Mid-Coast & Inland Regions. Coming in 2014 is the second in the Wine Wherever series: In California's Sierra Nevada Foothill Region.

The books are teamed with our Wine Wherever iPhone apps. For information about the winery apps CLICK HERE.

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